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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cowboys Season Prediction

It is that time again. 

Every team in the NFL is undefeated, and that includes the Dallas Cowboys.  Will any team stay that way?  I hope so, and when they do, I will be in line with everyone else to punch Mercury Morris square in the FACE.

Now, I am a die hard football fan, and love the NFL, but I am not going to waste your time, or my own, and try to predict the entire NFL.  I will leave that kind of stuff to people that have way too much time on their hands, and have nothing better to do.  You know, people like Larry Stanley.

But enough about irrelevant people, lets get to my team.

I will preface this by saying I am a homer, but a realistic homer.  Do I think the Cowboys will go undefeated and when the Super Bowl? No.  Do I think they are improved? Yes!! Do I believe in the red headed Jesus (Jason Garrett)...sometimes.  Do I trust Jerry?  HELL NO!!!!!!

As I look at the schedule, it doesn't start well.  They will be center stage versus the defending champs, on a Wednesday.  Let me repeat that...on a Wednesday.  Then they go to Seattle, where they have never played well.

You really want to get off to a fast start, but playing in New York and in Seattle, it could prove difficult. 

Next, Tampa is a gimme and Monday night at home against the Bears, and the ultimate knuckle head, Jay Cutler, should be at least 2 in a row.

Then the bye.

Then, the most brutal stretch of the year.  At Baltimore, at Carolina, home for the Giants, at Atlanta and at Philly.  BRUTAL!!!!

Then, 3 straight at home, Cleveland, Washington and ok.

Finally, they end at Cincinnati, home with Pittsburgh and New Orleans and finish at Washington.

HOLY jhvb$^&$^&^$j hhh!!!!

What exactly did they do to deserve this schedule?

This team could be vastly improved, and be 3 or 4 games worse, record wise.

Now, lets look at the team.

The givens: Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware, Tyron Smith, Brandon Carr, Sean Lee, Dan Bailey and Lawerence Vickers.

7 out of 53 ain't great.

The question marks: Everyone else

Is Miles, Witten, Ratliff, Jenkins, Dez healthy?

Are Spencer, Free, Livings, Sensebaugh, Church, Claiborne, Phillips, Carter ready to step up?

Is Garrett ready for the end of games? Maybe.

I do think they made a great move bringing in Bill Callahan to help Garrett, but I'm not sure its enough.

I am extremely realistic and I love my Cowboys, but honestly, I look at this team, the question marks, the injuries and the schedule, and I say...6-10

I wish I could say better, but I can't.  Deep inside, I am thinking 16-0, but my computer wouldn't let me type it.

Peace Out,

John "Mutley" Conner

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Who is the 3rd receiver?

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is John Conner.  I am 5'11",  and I weigh 197 pounds.  I can run the 40 in under 8 seconds, and I am now putting my name in the hat to be the Dallas Cowboys third receiver.

This is how ridiculous this has become. 

All this off season, people have been so concerned with who will be the guy to replace Laurent Robinson.  You want my honest opinion, Laurent Robinson couldn't replace Laurent Robinson.  There was no way he was going to be able to duplicate the season he just had.  If he can't do it, then why should we expect anybody else too.

The way Jason Garrett wants to run his offense, there is very little need for a third receiver.  Expect to see the fullback and a lot of two tight end sets.

So, you will have Dez and Miles.  The third guy will be, oh I don't know, ummm, maybe Jason Witten, or John Phillips, or DeMarco or Felix out of the backfield.  There are plenty of options.

After the last couple of years of Wes Welker, a quality Texas Tech player...DING, people have been looking for the next one.  If you are a short, white guy with decent speed and can catch the ball, you will be compared to him. 

Good luck with that Danny Coale and Cole Beasley. 

People forget that Welker went undrafted, was cut twice, and then caught on with Tom Brady.  Every receiver looks good with Brady, but still, he made the most of it.

I do think the Cowboys need one of these young receivers to step up and make 20-30 catches, but with Garrett wanting to run the ball more, it is not a necessity.

I wish fans would start focusing on more important things, like what are the cheerleaders going to look like this year, and how long will it be before Jerry has another plastic surgery.  These are important questions.

So until we at least get to the preseason, let these things work themselves out.

Peace Out,

John Conner

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trade Time

I completely love this time of year.  It is the middle of baseball season and training camp for the NFL is about to begin.  And this year, we have the Summer Olympics.

The most exciting thing to happen in the next week is the MLB trading deadline.  I am especially excited because my team, the Texas Rangers, are relevant.  They WILL make a move.

2 years ago, they surprised the world and landed Cliff Lee.  The result...World Series.

Last year, they shored up the bullpen with Mike Gonzalez and Mike Adams.  The result...World Series.

For years, this team had been sellers, and in the off season, signed guys, knowing they could flip them for prospects. 

All that work has payed off.

Mark Texiera became Feliz, Harrison, Andrus and Salty
Eric Gagne became David Murphy

The list goes on and on.

Jon Daniels stocked this team with young players, and made them relevant.

Now, we are on the other end. 

You listen to insiders and the Rangers are the front runners for, well...everyone.  Every GM knows that the Rangers have the pieces to acquire anyone. 

What does that mean for other teams? 

They know they can get other teams to overpay for a player, just to keep them away from the Rangers.

It is unbelievable how this team has turned around.

I really think once the deadline passes on July 31st, the Rangers will have added a starting pitcher (hopefully Josh Johnson) a catcher (I want Carlos Ruiz) and maybe a first baseman.

I love this team and I love the position they are in. 

God bless Jon Daniels.  Now go get this team another stud or two.

Peace out,

John Conner

Friday, July 13, 2012

I stand corrected

I was all over Donnie Nelson and Mark Cuban for the way the Mavericks looked just a week ago.  They lost out on Deron Williams, Steve Nash and Jason Kidd.  The season did not look good at all.  The team was going to feature Dirk, and then...well, ummmmmm, Dirk.

But just 4 short days later, the Mavs have added Chris Kaman in free agency, stole Darren Collison and Dahnty Jones from Indiana, and claimed Elton Brand off of amnesty waivers for only 2.1 million.  There is also one major thing that these guys have in common...they are all on 1 year deals.  So, looks like we have the opportunity to get to be turned down by Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, but, it could be worse.

I stated in my last blog that I would give Donnie and Mark the benefit of the doubt, and they have come through.  None of these guys are superstars, but they are solid players. 

There is still talk that the Mavs will try to trade for Jose Calderon, and still might try to claim Luis Scola off of amnesty waivers.

Say they do get Calderon.  You can look at this team as pretty good.  This would be your roster:

PG - Collison, Calderon, Delonte West, Roddy B
SG - Vince, Dahnty Jones, Cunnigham (1st round pick) Domonique Jones
SF - Marion, Craeder (2nd round pick)
PF - Dirk, Elton, B Wright
C - Kaman, James (2nd round pick)

This team could use a shooter, but for the most part, it is solid.

I am not saying this is a championship team, or even a top 4 seed in the west, but I do think it is a playoff team, and after last week, that is a major improvement.

So Donnie, Mark, nice recovery.  Next year, I want Paul and Howard,

Get to it.

Thanks and Peace out,

John "PW Mutley" Conner

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trade DirK??

NBA Free Agency is 4 days old and yet the Dallas Mavericks are in complete and utter disaster mode.

Deron Williams, resigned with the Nets
Steve Nash, traded to the Lakers
Jeremy Lin, resigned with the Knicks
Jason Kidd, Resigned with Mavs, never mind, Signed with Knicks
Jason Terry, signed with Boston

The Mavericks put all their eggs into the free agency of Deron Williams and Dwight Howard.  Howard never made it to free agency and Williams stayed put.  Plan B,C,D and whatever else is now down the tube.

I will give Donnie a little time to make a move, but I don't see it happening. 

So this leads me to, I can't believe I'm typing this, but it is time to trade Dirk.  The Cowboys did it with Hershel Walker.  The Rangers did it with Mark Texiera. 

If Dirk goes into Tony Cubes' office and says this free agency has been an epic failure and I want to be traded, you respect the greatest player in team history and do it.

I don't think you can get the same package that the Cowboys and Rangers got, but I do think you can get an impact player and some young talent.  You don't think the 76ers would love Dirk. What about Indiana or Detroit.  There are a number of teams that would want Dirk.

Do I want to trade him?  Of coarse not.  But at the same time, for what he has done for this franchise, he deserves to get treated fairly.  If not by Cuban, then someone else. 

As it stands right now, this is not a playoff team, and it is ludicrous to ask Dirk to help a rebuilding franchise.  Right now, Little Nellie and Cuban are spinning their wheels.

If they want to make an impact, get a superstar, or trade Dirk.

Peace out,

John  Conner

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crazy Crazy Cubes

I have been a long time Dallas Mavericks fan.  I followed them when they won 11 games, and I followed them as they won a championship.  With the 2012 NBA Draft upon us and free agency just around the corner, I have no idea what my team is doing.

I gave Mark Cuban a pass for this season because we were coming off a championship.  The Mavs cut solid contributors so they could have cap space for either Dwight Howard, Deron Williams or maybe both.

Howard has decided to stay with the Magic for one more year.  That leaves Williams.  I have no problem with going after one of the top 3 point gaurds in the game, but what happens if Williams decides to stay in New Jersey?  What are the other options. 

Thats the problem.  There aren't any. 

What is the point of having cap space if there isn't anyone worth a damn to spend it on?

I have never doubted Cuban or little Nellie, but if Deron Williams is not in a Mavs unifrm by Juy 2nd, I for one, am going to be PISSED!!!

Mark, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt.  Make it happen, or I will finally start losing faith in the great Tony Cubes.

Monday, June 20, 2011

6-20 WWE RAW Blog

Wrestling Matters...I think

We find out that "Power to the People," is going to be a choice between 3 opponents or different stipulations.

Raw opens with CM Punk going to the ring and announcing that he is the new #1 contender. After I thought about, I don't disagree. I think a feud of John Cena and CM Punk would be good...Again. If you take Nexus out of the equation, I am fully on board with this.

Also, listening to CM Punk, I learned one thing. If you are going to be a heal, Punk is the guy you watch and learn from. He may be the best heal going right now on any brand, for any company.

The first people vote was to see who would face Brie Bella for the Diva's Championship.
The vote was between Eve, Kelly Kelly or Beth Phoenix. With her popularity, Kelly Kelly won the vote. The match was ok, and the win went to Kelly Kelly, to become the NEW Diva's champion. I thought her emotion was real, but there was really no reason to interview her in the ring after the match. That is what the backstage area is for.

The second vote was to see who faced Evan Bourne. The choices were Jack Swagger, Mason Ryan and Sin Cara. Ryan won the vote. The match was brutal, and that is being generous. Bourne is good, and can be great, if he is in the ring with someone great. He usually wrestles up or down to the level of his opponent. Unfortunately, Ryan is a bad wrestler. He is slow, telegraphs what he is doing, and only has a couple of moves. This is the worst match I have seen on RAW in a while.

The only thing worse than that match, is listening to Michael Cole and Booker T try to talk over each other. Why is Booker T even doing the broadcast? This is RAW.

I didn't think it could get much worse, but now we have a choice to make for Mark Henry and Kane. On a side note, do not, I repeat, do not give Mark Henry a microphone. He is worse than awful. Is it a body slam match, an arm wrestling match, or an over the top match? I know, everyone is holding their breath. We find out it is an arm wrestling match. Well, we know that isn't going to last, and sure enough, it doesn't. After Henry hits Kane during the arm wrestling match, they exchange blows before Henry does the "world's strongest slam" on Kane, through the announce table. That was actually pretty cool.

After a break, we get R-Truth, Christian and The Miz all in the ring arguing about who lost the worse, and the reasons, or excuses,why. The bit was actually pretty funny. Listening to them talk, I realized that Truth may be going nuts, and I am loving it. He is starting to grow on me more and more. I also realized that Christian has not yet fully embraced his heel turn. And finally, and most shockingly, The Miz may be slowly turning. I hope not, because I think he is greatness as a heel, but there are some signs that he may be turning.

The next match is between Kofi and Dolph for the US Championship. The choices of matches are 2 out of 3 falls, Vickie being baned from ringside, and a submission match. 2 out of 3 falls wins. Dolph wins the first fall, Kofi wins the second fall, and on a dq, Kofi wins the third fall, but Dolph retains, because it was a dq. I thought this match was awesome. These guys work extraordinarily well together. I could watch these two battle all night. I hope this feud continues, but we will see.

We find out now, that Shawn Michaels will be coming to RAW next week. All we will hear from the fans is " One more match." He won't do it, but it can't hurt to try. I will be yelling it at the tv as well.

The next match is for the #1 contender spot between Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, and CM Punk. The choices are a no dq match, falls count anywhere, and submission. The winner was falls count anywhere. People who think that wrestling doesn't matter to the WWE are nuts. This match was amazing. Back and forth. And I was saying earlier about Punk, this match went perfectly. Rey did the majority of the work, and after a splash by Mysterio, Punk sneaks in for the win.

Then comes the major announcement. Now that he is the #1 contender, Punk announces that his contract is up July 17th, which is the same day as the Money in The Bank PPV. Punk announces that he will be leaving the company that night, and that he will be leaving as the WWE Champion.

Next up is Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan. The choices are a paper bag match, no count out, or collegiate rules. I am soooooo happy that no count out won. I wanted to see a great match between two up and comers. I was not disappointed. Bryan and Rhodes countered each other over and over. This was another match where wrestling mattered. Finally, Bryan reversed a Rhodes small package, and got a small package of his own for the win. After the match, Rhodes missed on an attack of Bryan, and Bryan put him in his submission. Ted Jr came out to save Rhodes, and they pummelled Bryan. Where was Bryan's help? I hope this starts a tag team feud of Rhodes and Dibiase vs. Bryan and someone. This feud could be great.

Finally, the main event. The match is Christian, The Miz and R-Truth vs. John Cena, Randy Orton and Alex Riley. The choices for the match are, one fall to the finish, 20 minute time limit, or an elimination match. The elimination match won, and it was great. After everyone got a little action, the pin falls started. Alex Riley was eliminated by Christian. The Miz got knocked out by John Cena. After a great combo by Randy Orton, R-Truth got eliminated by the viper. 2 seconds after that, Christian speared Orton and got the pin fall on Orton. Right after that, Christian gloated. He forgot about Cena. Cena went for the AA, but Christian got out of it only to fall straight into Orton for a RKO. Cena put Christian into the STF, and the match was over.

I started this blog by saying wrestling matters, and the WWE backed me up. Sure there was some down moments, but this is exactly what you should expect from the WWE right after a PPV. This was the best RAW in a long time, and Shawn Michaels better bring his A game to top this one.

I know I am no JCall, but this was The Best Damn RAW blog EVER. If you don't believe me, I got 2 words for you...SUCK IT!!!!!

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Peace out. John Conner

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